In 1989, when construction was not considered to be a prospective business in Georgia, a group of professional engineers decided to offer high quality and innovative service to customers. In 1993, they established a company that still operates on the construction market, and continues to grow and develop to this day.

Years of tireless efforts and continuous development enabled us to introduce new technologies and equipment to the market. Didostati LLC was the first — and remains to be the only — company in Georgia which implemented new technology in the construction field and offered customers pile driving service that relies on a pressing method. Thus, today our company’s main profile mainly consists of drilling and pile driving services using the pressing method.

Our company is staffed with a team of qualified professionals with years of experience, which is pivotal to be a leader on the market.

We continuously strive towards introducing innovations and new approaches to the market.

Didostati LLC guarantees the quality of its services.